Spider-Man (also released as Spider-Man: The Movie) is a beat 'em up video game based upon the Marvel Comics character, Spider-Man, and is directly based on the first feature film starring the eponymous character. It was developed by Treyarch and released in 2002 for Microsoft Windows and several video game consoles. The game has many scenes and villains that did not appear in the film. It was followed by Spider-Man 2 two years later to promote the release of the second film. Then, in 2007, to promote the release of the third filmSpider-Man 3: The Video Game was released.


Like the 2000 Spider-Man video game, along with Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro, Spider-Man is a level based beat 'em up video game, with the player as Spider-Man. Half the levels are indoors, but the rest of the levels are outside among the sky-scrapers of New York and require him to web-sling from building to building, however Spider-Man cannot land on the ground, as he will die if he gets too close. Levels are in "sections" with a different enemy for each, each section lasting about 3 levels. Each level, except for the last two, has a bonus screen after it. Generally, there are the bonuses "Time" (clear level in a set time), "Perfect" (Not take damage/detected) and "Style" (use as many combos as possible). Other level-specific ones are "Secrets" (Uncover a secret area), "Combat" (Defeat all enemies). Players can gain, depending on difficulty, points on completing these tasks. On Sidekick mode, each  bonus is 500 points, Hero is 700, and Super-Hero is 1000 each.
The basic abilities are swinging, zipping, punching and kicking, web, camera lock, and the Web Mode in Enhanced Mode. Depending on how the player combines different buttons, it makes different effects. Wall-crawling is automatic, and players are also able to lift up heavy and light objects such as cars and chairs. There are 21 different combat combos which Gold Spiders are used to gain these combos, with 4 web controls, each having a type of "upgrade" to each. There is also "stealth mode", where Spider-Man is in shadow, and therefore is undetectable by enemies. This is necessary to gain extra points in the game.
After completing the story mode of the game, an unlockable bonus allows the player to play any level in the game as Harry Osborn in his father's Green Goblin costume, complete with his glider and arsenal, following an alternate timeline with Harry fighting an "alternate goblin" who claims to have been hired by Osborn, adding a slightly new feel to the story, although you are playing exactly the same levels as you do with Spider-Man. Unlockable costumes for Spider-Man include Peter Parker in his civilian clothes, the homemade wrestling outfit from the movie, and acclaimed comic book artist Alex Ross' prototype design for the movie Spider-Man costume, which also triggers the Goblin to wear Ross' early design during battles. A cheat code allowed players to play as Mary Jane but was dropped from rereleased versions of the game due to the perceived lesbianism implications of scenes featuring the "player" Mary Jane and the "in-game" Mary Jane  kissing.


Bone Saw (In the training mode "Basic Combat")‡ - This character is not present on the Game Boy Advance version.
Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter‡ (Xbox and Game Boy Advance versions only)
Oscorp Super Mech‡
OsCorp Lite Mechs
OsCorp Super Soldiers
OsCorp Guards
Skull Gang Thugs
Shocker's Thugs
‡ The character is a Boss.

System Requirements

CPU: Pentium III 500 MHz or Athlon processor
VGA: 3D hardware accelerator (32MB VRAM) with full transform and lighting
DX: DirectX 8.1
OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
HDD: 1.3GB of free uncompressed hard drive space (plus and additional 200MB for Windows swap files)
ODD: 4X CD-ROM drive

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