Need for Speed II is the second game in the Need for Speed series. It is known as Over Drivin' II in Japan and is the first game in the series not to feature the police.

Unlike The Need for Speed, the game is featured with simpler driving physics and utilises race tracks with an exotic setting and high jumps. The car selection includes sports cars again, but several concept cars as well.
The game was released for the PC on April 30, 1997 and on the PlayStation One on November 17th, 1997.

Game Modes

Need for Speed II is playable in Singleplayer and Multiplayer, which can be played via modem, network serial link and split screen. The game features following race types:

  • Knockout - Knockouts are available once the player has completed a tournament. In this mode, the player that finishes a race in last position will be eliminated. This is repeated until one is left.
  • Single Race - Standard circuit races with a specific number of laps.
  • Tournament - A series of races that involves every track of the game, in which players with the highest numbers of points win the whole tournament. The better the finished position, the more points one will gain.
Each of these race types can be customized. This includes physics (Arcade, Simulation), catch-up mode, driving direction, opponents (Class, skill level, number (up to seven)) and a mirrored option of the selected track. In each race track, an interactive soundtrack will be played, which is directly adapted to the gaming situation.

Car List

The car list mainly consists of European sports cars and concept cars from the 1990's. Every car's brake bias, downforce and gear ratios may be fine-tuned. Players can also watch a short video presentation of each car in the game and check real-life performance stats, history and a slide show. This option is known as Showcase.

Class A

Class B

Class C

Note: This game is only available for Windows xp or newer versions


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