The basic gameplay element for Fruit Ninja is simple: slice all the fruit on the screen while avoiding bombs. When the game starts, different varieties of fruit will fly up from the bottom of the screen. The player will use their fingers to swipe across the screen and slice as many pieces of fruit that they can in one swipe. The player can swipe up to 5 fingers at once if need be. There are different blades and backgrounds that can be unlocked when certain milestones are achieved.


Classic Mode

In Classic Mode the player is faced with the task of not just slicing fruit, but also avoiding bombs. Throughout the mode bombs will randomly join a group of fruit, and if the player slices a bomb, it's game over! Also, if the player allows three pieces of fruit to fall without being sliced, the game will end. The score is based on how many fruit you sliced, plus bonus points for combos and critical hits. Also, the player can gain back fallen fruit chances for every one-hundred points they gain.

Zen Mode

Zen Mode is a slightly less stressful version of Classic Mode. There are no bombs and no limit on how many fruit the player can drop; however, the game is timed at 90 seconds. Zen mode encourages players to play for combos to increase their overall score as compared to simply just slicing fruit with no pattern. It is a great mode for beginners to get the feel for the game without the stress of failing.

Arcade Mode

In Arcade Mode players have 60 seconds to get the highest score possible. This game mode features bombs and three powerups that take the place of bananas as well as a bonus score awarded at the end of the round. The double points banana will award you double points for a short period of time. The frenzy banana causes tons of fruit to fly in from the side of the screen, no bombs are thrown up for the duration of the powerup. The freeze banana stops the timer and slows down the entire screen allowing for easier combos.


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